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Soda Pop Tab Bag 'Dora'

Soda Pop Tab Bag 'Dora'

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Made from aluminum tabs 100% post consumer waste and recycled. After the tabs are collected, they are washed-dried-crochet together. Supple and lightweight, it's hand crocheted with 474 recycled aluminum pull-tabs.
Comes with chain length 42" (107cm) Made in smoke-free environment.

Bag approx. measurements: 6.7"x5.1”x1.6" (17x13x4cm)

Lightweight: 0,18 kg

Ready to ship in 1-2 weeks.

I take custom orders. If you would like to purchase this handbag in a different color of thread or have any other customization inquiries, please contact me so we can discuss possibilities, price and timeline. 

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